Lulu: The App That Helps Females Make Smarter Dating Decisions

TL;DR: If you’ve ever wished you might test the inventors you date, or perhaps the men you know who would make good times, as you evaluate restaurants, next Lulu will make your entire goals become a reality. Since the first-ever software for ladies, Lulu is actually using the lead-in this market, helping women make wiser matchmaking decisions and men come to be better daters.

From Amazon to Yelp, we are in some sort of in which everyone loves to examine situations. Everybody cannot wait to generally share their own view about their newest dinner or perhaps the finally apartment they lived in, but what towards latest man they continued a romantic date with?

Well Lulu is the best outlet for carrying out exactly that.

Cofounded in 2013 by Alexandra Chong and Alison Schwartz, Lulu is a private myspace and facebook that gives females the ability to speed the men they date, advise date-worthy men and share individual encounters with countless various other similar women.

It is like talking-to your very best friend

Chong and Schwartz had gotten the theory for Lulu after Chong had a memorable all-girls brunch knowledge. From swapping stories about jobs to valentine’s strategies, she wanted she could bottle that feeling of camaraderie and put it to great use.

In 2013, that sight became an actuality by means of Lulu, an area where women feels safe when speaking about their particular love life.

Director of promotion Deborah Singer stated this has been a number of years coming for a software like this in the industry, specially with tips getting so popular in other areas of life.

“ladies these days get recommendations about everything in their particular physical lives… and yet we don’t get suggestions for something as essential as relationships and dates,” she stated. “We think that’s a remarkably important region for females is aware and have information [about] to enable them to actually make wiser decisions for themselves.”

Should it be rating guys they have gone aside with, advocating high-quality guys to many other people or generating pal connections, Lulu makes a critical impact.

“i do believe we’re providing a brand new details covering into online dating room,” Singer stated. “Dating is an activity it doesn’t have that details covering, and then we see ourselves as bringing addiitional information to that particular business.”

Lulu stands out from other apps because Chong and Schwartz, and additionally every person in the staff, leave their own personalities shine through, providing down that feeling of speaking with a really great girlfriend.

Based on Singer, Lulu is specially preferred among university females, who are in a fresh online dating atmosphere and therefore are interested in feminine friends to attend for referrals concerning the guys they may be meeting on campus.

Lulu also puts the privacy and safety of their people 1st. The app utilizes fb to make sure that gender, age (nobody under 17 is permitted to join) and pals circles.

But try not to think men are not enabled contained in this women club

In May, Lulu allowed guys to begin by using the application when they happened to be into being evaluated.

Male people can see their unique general rating and which hashtags women can be making use of to describe all of them, like “#AlwaysHappy” or “#WearsEdHardy.”

Nonetheless they may also access data that displays just how ladies position all of them on traits including wit, kissing skills and more.

Lulu’s editorial team also offers guys specialized articles that provide matchmaking advice for the certain specified areas they want improvement in.

Females can also ask the males their particular viewpoints on numerous subject areas, such as rectal intercourse or generating a consignment.

To date a lot more than 1 million guys have actually accompanied, with a typical review becoming a seven, and a few also check out the app three times each day.

“We noticed that there was an actual appetite from dudes to sorts of enjoy statistics with what females had been saying about all of them,” Singer stated. “All of our objective should really assist guys improve. Like everyone else would make use of Google Analytics on your own website to boost it, this is exactly form of Google Analytics for men.”

Producing a safe, good ecosystem for all

Unlike websites like Yelp or TripAdvisor, Lulu will not allow women to publish open responses within evaluations.

Ladies are given multiple-choice possibilities when looking at the males alongside women can agree or disagree with all the overview, which Singer said promotes an optimistic environment additionally keeps the reviews from becoming unnecessarily mean.

“we are rating people – we are rating dudes. We know that this is a sensitive and painful and provocative thing as doing, therefore have to do it in a thoughtful way and also in a constructive means,” she mentioned. “We heard from start from ladies that they did not desire to be an integral part of one thing mean, therefore we made the decision this style would keep that atmosphere.”

Lulu uses that same style in the future whenever broadening to many other preferred verticals like beauty, travel or company.

“We would like to visit a place where women can be coming to Lulu and it is variety of their unique major destination for acquiring information from other women,” Singer said. “we are actually concentrated on this product and continuing to create tactics to assist ladies share much more and get tips.”

If you’re willing to unleash your girlfriend chat, download Lulu (free of charge!) in the application Store or Google Play.

Lulu: The App That Helps Females Make Smarter Dating Decisions
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