How To Shop Online

Tips From Professionals

Online shopping is a convenience that most of us take for granted. The cost and time savings are unbeatable, but there are also risks to online shopping not seen in brick-and-mortar stores like physical theft or fraudulence. It’s important to know these risks before making the leap from store front doors straight into your computer screen — here are three ways we can protect ourselves while still enjoying the benefits of an internet purchase:

*Beware of third party websites*: Just because you’re on Amazon doesn’t mean it’s actually Amzon! Be sure to always buy from verified sites with SSL certificates and BlueSnap so you don’t get scammed out of your money by a fake site. If you need help identifying legitimate sellers, use the site’s feedback ratings or reviews to help you make a decision

*Keep your account information safe*: When shopping online, it is important that you only use trusted sites. If possible, don’t use public computers to buy things so the security of your private data isn’t compromised


*Use payment methods which provide protection*: Most major credit card companies offer some form of purchase protection for losses due to fraud. This way if something does go wrong with an order and there are unauthorized charges on your card, they will reimburse the damage up to $50 without any hassle from you!

It may seem like common sense (or at least noticeably more difficult) but when we’re picking out items in person, we simply need our bank/credit card in hand. Online, it’s much more difficult to know you’re being protected from fraud until it happens (and possibly too late).

-Do not use public computers when making online purchases

-Buy products only on legitimate websites with SSL certificates *Beware of third party sites!* that are verified by the company such as Amazon or make sure to check reviews and feedback from other customers first before buying anything

-Only give out your account information if necessary; don’t store passwords or other sensitive data in clear text files so they can be stolen easily

-Use a payment method which provides some form of protection like paying via credit card instead through PayPal or cash transfers because these methods offer guaranteed purchase protection for losses

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